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V-Shaped Face and Asian Fascination

Like every culture, many things have come to influence Korean beauty trends.

With the ever-growing Hallyu (or Korean Wave) sweeping the world, more and more people are looking to the east for the latest in beauty trends.

Until recently beauty standards have been predominately imposed by the West, and those around the world would look to the West for indications of fashion and beauty trend changes. These changes would be shared worldwide through the circulation of all types of media, including the Internet, magazines, and television.

As of late though, there has been a shift toward the East in beauty standards, especially with the K-Wave. One major hallmark of this change is the increased interest in the v-shaped face that has long since gained popularity in Korean culture.

The epitome of beauty trends in Korea is the v-shaped face, which is attained by creating a more slim lower face.

Other features that would accompany this and add to the level of beauty are a more round forehead, fuller eyes, and beautiful fair skin. This look gives the impression of not only beauty but youth as well. The look is so popular in Korea and other parts of Asia that a number of products including masks and lotions have been appearing and bringing with them the promise of a v-shaped look.

Many of us have things that we would change about ourselves if given the chance. Because of this, the market for beauty items including fake eyelashes coloured contact lenses, and makeup has grown into an empire. These products can be used to accentuate the top part of the face and help to create the illusion of the V-shape without the need for surgery. Speaking of surgery, there are options available for people who are looking to create the look in a permanent way.

The fact is, Asian beauty standards have been a phenomenon and people are looking for ways to emulate the look. This is a wonderful time for Asians, and we stand tall with pride as the world looks to us as the definition of beauty!

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