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The Pico Laser – 4 reasons why you should try it

What so great about the Pico Laser?

Welcome to a new generation of laser energy treatments. The revolutionary picosecond laser technology is the new solution to obliterating stubborn pigment, for clear, radiant skin. Let’s find out more in this Pico Laser review.

Before Pico Lasers came onto the scene, aesthetic doctors were content with nanosecond lasers. Picosecond lasers and Nanosecond lasers both fall under the same Nd:yag laser family, but Pico Lasers are the new and latest generation of fast speed Q-switch lasers. You may be wondering, are newer lasers really better?

new is better

Picosecond Laser vs Nanosecond Laser

In the case of Pico Lasers vs Nano Lasers, the answer is YES, newer IS really better.

Q Switch lasers use laser beams to break up pigments in the skin. Nanosecond lasers were able to break pigments into breadcrumbs which would then be eliminated via blood vessels in the skin. This was considered cool back in the day.

The new Picosecond lasers are even more amazing and have the ability to shatter pigments into powder. This makes it super effective in dispersing skin pigmentation. So yes, it is much much better.


The Pico Laser is Ultra-Fast

Picosecond lasers have been around for sometime. But the new Pico laser sets a new standard among Pico Lasers. In fact, the Pico Laser is lightning-fast, it shatters targeted pigments into infinitely smaller powder particles that can be more readily removed by the body.

It is an ideal treatment for stubborn pigmentation like age spotssun spotsseborrheic keratosisacne scars and melasma.

skin pigmentation pico laser

Furthermore, one requires fewer sessions to experience results, as compared to traditional laser treatments.

The Pico Laser, available at Nuffield Aesthetics in Singapore, is in a class of its own – a powerful tool for scar reduction, pigmented lesion removal and skin rejuvenation.

Here are four compelling reasons why you need to try it to believe its benefits.

1. Speed

lighting fast

A picosecond is a trillionth of a second, 1000 times shorter than a nanosecond.

The Pico is the best Nd:YAG picosecond laser system to treat pigmented lesions. In terms of speed and comfort, its performance is superior to any other device in the market — think faster treatments with minimal pain.

Laser treatments take a few sessions and are usually slow and requires time for you to see results after each session as the face is usually left red and bumpy. PICO LASER transmits picosecond pulses that treats finelines, different types of pigmentation and pigmented lesions at a superior speed compared to any other devise in the market, making each treatment fast and effective.

2. Comfort

It is effective and safe in treating various pigments as well as refractory pigments because the Pico Laser minimizes damage to skin to remove pigment by precisely aiming the target spot. The laser pulses generated also targets the pigments without affecting the surrounding tissues, hence minimizing damage, reducing the redness and bumpiness of your skin after the treatment.

3. Various benefits

Because the Pico laser targets specific areas of the skin, it can also be used to remove unsightly spots and areas on different parts of the body or face, reduce the appearance of acne scars and marks, and rejuvenate the skin. It also works for skin pigmentation caused by sun exposure and tattoo removal. Due to its efficacy and the short downtime after treatment, the Pico laser is the perfect treatment for a range of aesthetics issues.

Literally THE most powerful PICO for targeting pigmentation

There are however some known side effects of using PICO lasers, the most dreaded being Hyperpigmentation or PIH. This usually happens when your doctor is too aggressive in his/her treatment, using settings that are too high energy for your skin type. Hence, make sure that you choose an experienced doctor with years of experience and do remember to inform them of your skin sensitivities if any.

4. Minimal sessions

Unlike many laser treatments, the Pico Laser requires less sessions due to the treatment speed. This also means visible results in minimal amount of time, making it one of the most time-efficient and effective treatments in the market.

The Pico Laser is the latest addition to Nuffield Aesthetics’ arsenal of medical grade treatments and bringing this into the aesthetics market is a game-changer for skin laser treatments.


Before After Pictures

Because seeing is believing, we’ve compiled some before after photos of the Pico Laser for the treatment of pigmentation.

Pico Before After 1

Pico Before After 2

  Pico Before After 3

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