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The Changing Landscape of Facial Beauty

Standards of beauty are an ever-changing thing, and the world’s interest in inherent beauty remains unchanged.

Because of this, procedures to change the look of one’s face has continued to grow in popularity. One such surgery that both Koreans and Chinese patients are interested in these days deals with the “V-line face”. This procedure contours the sides of the face along the jawline, creating more of a V shape. The thought is that this facial shape displays youth and elegance as a result of the narrow jawline and overall reduction in the size of the face.

To get this look, surgeons utilize procedures that serve to contour the face by shaving the cheekbones to create contour along the sides of the face, and the jawbones to shape and shorten the bottom of the face. The result of these surgeries is a V shape to the face. This procedure is a major surgery and will require some time to rest and recuperate following the procedure.

There are less invasive options that some are opting for as well, such as Botox injections that, through the use of paralyzing the muscles, create a look that can mimic the contours of these surgeries. Botox injections last for a few months and are outpatient procedures that can be completed in a few minutes.

Korea has become a hotspot for Asians looking for reconstructive surgery to enhance their looks.

Many people from China are coming to Korea after botched facial surgeries such as the double eyelid surgery and size reduction surgeries, in search of a better option for their beauty needs.

A large percentage of the Chinese patients are defecting to Korean plastic surgeons, reporting dissatisfaction with procedures that took place in their home country. Many of these are surgeries such as the double eyelid procedure, and nose jobs that ended up in either aesthetic or health-related issues. Still others are coming to Korea with help finding the perfect facial shape.