• detox trip

    Detox Trip – The Farm @ San Benito

    I am a big advocate of detox trips due to the stressful and hectic lifestyle in Singapore. My 2 favourite spots are The Farm at San Benito in Philippines and Chiva Som at Hua Hin Thailand. Both locations are literally…

  • healthy skin

    Food for healthier skin

    I always believe that whatever you choose to eat will determine how healthy your skin will look. As you all probably already know that too much oily and junk food is a guaranteed way to the bad skin. Fret not, here…

  • food for dog

    Human food for dog, yes or no?

    Do you own a dog? Yes, I do, and other than feeding it the usual dog food, I will occasionally share what I am eating with it. Hold on a sec! That doesn’t mean any human food is fine, we…