• slim face

    The Changing Landscape of Facial Beauty

    Standards of beauty are an ever-changing thing, and the world’s interest in inherent beauty remains unchanged. Because of this, procedures to change the look of one’s face has continued to grow in popularity. One such surgery that both Koreans and…

  • facelift cost in singapore

    Is a facelift cost high or low?

    Looking to look younger again with long-lasting effects but without breaking the bank? It is high time for you to drop with the expensive facials and anti-ageing creams, and to look for something more efficient. You may not be able…

  • Common Female Face Shapes

    Common Female Face Shapes

    It is a well-known fact that female facial shape types are different and they determine so many beauty routines and procedure we either perform daily, or we go for once in a while to improve our look. In fact, the…

  • contours makeup

    Contours, Highlights & Blushers

    Some of us are not born with naturally pretty face shapes. But makeup can do wonders! Here are some simple tips: If you wish to downplay your double chin, then apply the darker colour foundation on your jawline blending into…