• pregnancy acne
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    Ways to Treat Pregnancy Acne

    Despite what they say, acne isn’t only experienced during your teen years. If you find yourself pregnant you may very well be experiencing a reemergence of acne problems. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures now along with using natural remedies,…

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    Treating Acne with Birth Control

    Acne is no easy condition. It can lead to social isolation, permanent skin scarring and even anxiety in severe cases. One of the most effective forms of acne treatments is birth control pills. Dermatologists have been using it for decades…

  • pregnancy acne
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    Managing Pregnancy Acne

    Acne is something that we typically deal with in the teenage years, but it can start to re-emerge once you become pregnant. There are many treatment options that you can consider to get it under control and resume enjoying your…

  • acne advice

    Acne Advice

    Flawless skin is something that many people chase, and some are able to get pretty close. For many of us though, flaws in the skin are just another fact of life. Most often, the enemy of those looking for beautiful…

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    Scar Removal and the Lutronic Mosaic ECO2 Method

    Millions of people are susceptible to and affected by acne. Acne is a skin condition that is typically characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, and even more serious instances of cysts. It can be seen not only on the face, but also…

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    Differences in Acne

    Acne comes in many different forms; the following are three of the most common: Acne Vulgaris The most prevalent of all that falls into this category is acne vulgaris. There are several forms of this skin disorder, including blackheads, whiteheads,…

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    Hormonal Therapy for Acne – Spironolactone

    For some people, acne is a result of hormonal imbalances in the body. For many women, the monthly cycle can bring about changes in complexion and for some, severe cystic acne along the jawline and the chin. In these cases,…

  • adult acne

    Treating Adult Acne

    Does acne behave differently as we age? Most people will deal with acne at one point or another during their lifetime. Whether it’s in the awkward teenage years, or later on as an adult, there is typically no escape from…

  • Missy Sharont Acne removal

    Acne Solution at Cambridge (Part 2)

    If you guys were with me during the previous episode, you should remember that I had an acne outbreak and had to seek for a reliable treatment process before it gets worse. Cambridge is the place, and AGNES is the…

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    Acne scar removal at Cambridge

    Recently I had an acne outbreak at my jaw area, most likely due to stress at work and my condition didn’t improve much after applying my usual cream for a few days. Actually, this pimple always recurs at the same…