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Superstitions regarding Acne Treatments

I am sure you have heard several stories of home therapies and odd treatments for acne, and many of you have likely tried them as well! Just do a quick search on the Internet and you will find several of them. Here are a few that I have heard:

Menstrual Blood

This is an actual documented method for reducing acne that originated long ago. The story goes that by collecting the first of the period blood and using it ask a mask will not only prevent breakouts but will increase the overall beauty of the skin. It is thought that the first day’s period blood is the purest and has several homoeopathic uses.

Clean Your Plate

Many who grew up in Asian households have heard a hundred times to finish all of your rice so you can grow up strong. Old legends tell stories of wrongs that will happen by not finishing every last grain of rice in your bowl. One of the most memorable is that a future spouse will suffer from acne if you leave rice in your bowl. This one is tough to believe and I doubt there is any science to back this up!

Soya Sauce

It has been said that you should throw our your soya sauce if anyone in the house develops chicken pox. It has also been said in favour or preventing scarring or darkening of acne on the face. Some believe that the sauce (and even coffee) has an effect on the facial spots that will cause darkening.

Pearl Powder

This is made from crushing pearls, typically not ones that are of jewellery quality standards though. Made famous by Empress Wu Ze Tian, it is has been widely believed that the powder has enhancing effects on the skin, and even helps to rejuvenate and speed healing of the skin.

Superstitions regarding Acne Treatments
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