tummy fat

Stubborn Tummy Fat

Picture this: you have been working hard for weeks on your new diet and exercise regimen, and you are really starting to see the resulting from all of your hard work. You are again fitting into your old jeans and shopping for clothes in a smaller size, having the time of your life! Family and friends are commenting on your results and going on and on about how great you look, and it feels wonderful!

There’s just one thing, and your clothes have done a great job hiding it – but you still can’t shed that tummy fat!

 This is the most frustrating part of your situation, that stubborn belly fat just will not go away regardless of how hard you work. This is a major source of contention for many women. It seems unless you starve yourself and do thousands of crunches, that belly will just not give up. This happens to even the slimmest of women sometimes and can be likened to the double chin.

 There are two kinds of fat in the human body, subcutaneous fat that is stored just under the skin, and visceral fat, which is a deeper layer of fat.

 A couple of the factors that control belly fat in women are the number of calories that you consume, and genetics plays a big role. Also in menopausal women, when your estrogen levels decrease, it can affect the distribution of fat in the body. This distribution can change from fat going toward the hips, thighs, and bottom to the belly.

 A weakening of the stomach muscles can occur during pregnancy as well. As the fetus grows in the uterus, the stomach also grows and stretches the muscles in the stomach – or the abdominal muscles. This condition is referred to as diastasis recti abdominis, which creates the look of a bulge in the stomach. This can be very difficult to resolve sometimes without the use of surgical procedures.

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