shiba inu pet

My lovely shiba inus

picture of shiba inu

I have two shiba inus, they are named Shiori and Shogun.

Shiori is 4 and Shogun is 3 this year. They are so adorable and without a doubt the love of my life. I even had me and my babies done in a painting by the talented Dreadjim.

shiba inu pet

Those two flurries are like polar opposites of each other. One always behaves like a cool, calm and composed boss while the other is always so energetic and excited, even when he is having his lunch! They really make me smile whenever I look at them, even when I am having a bad day, such a joy to have them by my side.

shiba inus

“When’s lunch? We are hungry!”

shiba inu

“Whadaya looking at? Me resting like a boss!”

shiba inu

“Say CHEESE? No I say BLEAH!”

Shiori and Shogun were bought in Taipei breeder but if I want to keep another pet, I would definitely adopt the next one instead.

Here are a few reasons why adopting is better:

  1. You literally save a life. Irresponsible owners dump their pets eventually and due to the number of people willing to adopt them being low, overcrowded shelters have no choice but to euthanize them. If you are willing to adopt, you instantly give a poor animal a new home and shelters will have more space for new abandoned stray cats and dogs.
  2. You will receive a good deal. The cost of first vaccinations is often included along with the adoption fee. By adopting, you are getting a new pet at a great bargain price.
  3. You will get a pet which is already housetrained. Most of the animals at the shelters are pretty much domesticated, so if you choose to adopt, you save yourself a lot of effort when it comes to training it.

There are so many abandoned dogs and cats out there who need a home and to be taken care by us humans. For those who are still contemplating if they should get a pet, please do think carefully as it is a huge commitment. Don’t become one of the many heartless owners out there who chose to dump their pets after they got sick of taking care of them.