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Singapore Face Lift Cost

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Is there anything from your face you want to take away? Ok, I might know the right answer. There is something we cannot change easily or at least not very easily – the facial shape. Eyes can be changed with contact lenses, lips can be made plumper with lipsticks and cheeks can be colored in the nuance that suits your facial skin shade at most. But facial shape is something we need to work hard to modify and improve! And as to perfection, there is no doubt that there is an axiom as to which facial shape type perfection is closer than to any other.

v face lift cost

Men, in general, have broader chins with wide jawbones. On the other side, V-shaped perfect female face is the opposite. For this purpose, the V-shaped face is actually claimed to be so feminine – it is the opposite of the ordinary male`s facial shape.. You can see how close you are to the ideal V-shaped feminine face by taking a look at yourself and looking for the following specifications: super narrow chin, tapering structure that begins to get more and more narrow from the forehead to the chin and closeness to heart-shaped face.

Now we know what we want, but how exactly does a Singaporean girl like me get a V-shaped face? There are a few options available on the market in Singapore today. They all mostly fall under the category of facelifts.

Face Lift for V-shaped face

Even among face lifts, you have multiple options. The most common type of face lift in Singapore is the one we’ve heard about since 10-15 years ago. The same one that people complain is very painful haha. Face lift cost is reasonable. Even though you might think this option costs more than the other types of face lifting, it’s actually all rather similar when we look at the long term. It involves the doctor using surgical stitches to pull the entire face upwards. It is usually done to tighten skin on the face and reduce saggy cheeks, but facelifts can also be used around the jaw and chin area to create a V shape. Now, the downside to doing a facelift in Singapore is, of course, the TIME and PAIN associated with it. Because facelifts are a surgical process, you can just imagine how funny it will feel to have your face bloody stitched and pulled upwards! Yucks. Not for me.

So what’s option 2?

Option 2 is the more modern threadlift. The threadlift is actually a facelift that uses very fine threads instead of full stitches. Once again, threadlift and facelifting costs are quite similar. It is less invasive than a full facelift but of course, does not last as long. However, the threads used are also able to stimulate collagen growth from within your own body, which makes it a very good facelift alternative. Downtime is also lesser and there’s not much pain involved. I will call this the “middle option”. It’s probably the most effective of all and highly recommended. There are a few aesthetic clinics in Singapore doing it but I strongly recommend Nuffield Aesthetics as the brand’s face design philosophy is based on the korean “V shape face creation” and the doctors there are very experienced in achieving that dream feminine v-shaped face.

face lift cost

The #1 option for a facelift to get a V-shaped face is to use a combination of Hifu, botox and collagen stimulation like Ellanse. This one is more tricky because they create the perfect lift, the doctor must be experienced enough to know where exactly to inject what. This can greatly vary based on the individual which makes it a more risky process. Go to an experienced doctor if you want to pick this option.

Face Lift Cost in Singapore

The cost of a minimally invasive face lift using injections would cost around $2,000 to $5,000 at an aesthetic clinic. At a plastic surgery clinic, this would cost $15k to $20k. Facelifting through the use of a threadlift costs around $5k. A BotoxLift costs about $800 to $1200, depending on how much botox is being used to create the V shape face. Face lift costs are down to the benefits and downsides of each option for you to make a decision. A doctor who has done many cases will be able to customise an approach for you.

As seen in my other articles, you can also use makeup to create a perfect V shape face through a combination of blushers and shading. It is time-consuming to learn and do, but definitely a skill that all girls should pick up.