Nose Thread Lift Review: Patient Story

A nose thread lift has become highly sought-after in Singapore, where the most distinctive feature that Asians share is the wide, button-shaped nose. Deemed as one of the most popular aesthetic procedures, a nose lift is a non-surgical alternative to reshape your nose, bringing together the rest of your facial features.

Amy was one example who, like many others, took a dislike to the shape of her nose. The problems she wanted fixed are:

  • A bulbous nose tip
  • Prominent nasal wings
  • Crooked nasal ridge

This was her before her nose thread lift.

After hearing from her friends about their experiences, Amy thought a nose thread lift would be just the thing to help correct her asymmetric nose. 

Here was a straightforward, non-surgical option for the taking – and it gave her amazing results, don’t you think?

Amy’s review of the nose thread lift

Amy took our advice on the top aesthetic clinics in Singapore and went with Illumia Medical. Their nose thread lift surgery is called the “3-Step Nose Thread Lift”.

Illumia Medical (Reception)

After a considerably brief discussion with her doctor, Amy was taken through the procedural steps of the nose thread lift – which seemed to be fairly simple.

She also learned that there were different types of dissolvable threads that are generally used in nose thread lifts in Singapore. 

The quality of the threads play a major role in the results you can achieve at the end of the procedure and once the threads have dissolved – as well as the doctor’s skillful hands and aesthetic know-how. 

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are the most popular medical-grade threads in thread lifts. Here’s what they look like: 

The number of threads you will need is highly dependent on your desired nose shape. Amy needed a total of 14 threads to lift her nose ridge and nasal tip, refining her nose shape and giving it better definition. 

This then gives the appearance of a slightly less-skewed nose. 

With her doctor’s recommendation and the visual aid of the 3D aesthetic procedure simulator to show how the final results could look like on her, Amy scheduled her thread lift appointment and counted down the days to the big day. 

Operation Day: Pre-Op 

As a relatively minimally-invasive procedure, numbing and local anaesthesia was administered. Amy was given a final look at her nose design before the operation went underway. 

Commenting on the pain level of the procedure, Amy conceded that while it was painless, she did feel as though something was going on in her nose. 

But that was the extent of the strange sensation she felt during the procedure.

The length of the downtime varies from person to person, depending on how many threads were inserted in your nose lift. 

For Amy, it took her about 3 days for her nose to look more composed. She did observe some slight swelling and tightness around the bridge for a week after the surgery – but that was to be expected. 

Here’s Amy after her successful nose thread lift!

A successful nose thread lift looks like: a leaner nose tip, sharper and defined nose, straighter nasal ridge!

How was the aftercare like? 

The aftercare routine was a breeze. As with most other cosmetic surgeries, the usual activities were advised to be avoided:

  • Refrain from drinking and smoking for about a week after the surgery
  • Avoid makeup around the affected areas 
  • Engage in light physical activities that do not cause a strain on your body. Vigorous activities can cause some of the threads to be displaced. Best to stay away from any form of exercise at the moment. 

It seemed to be a good time for Amy to practice abstinence from her nightlife for a while! At least until her nose healed completely, which took her a little over a week. 

We’re absolutely in love with her successful nose thread lift! We think it looks good on her – don’t you?