korean v shaped face

My V-shaped face story

Girls, I know that the V-shaped face is quite delicate to all of us.

This is something we all want, but only a few of us can actually achieve. Of course, as you know, a woman always finds a way, when it comes to anything she wants, needs or strives for. And the gua zi lian – the Korean famous name for V-shaped face – is not an exception. Women today – even those with heart or oval facial shapes – can actually achieve it. I did achieve it. I still have it. And guess what – you can have it, as well! There is nothing difficult, expensive or scary in this task…But let me tell you more about the cheat code for V-shaped face or to be more specific – all the hacks you can use to get closer and closer to it.

My story with the V-shaped face began with botox. Botox, as you know more than well, is a very risk-free and common female procedure. These days, almost everyone uses the botox effect either for some wrinkle removal or for some anti-age treatment. Well, what I found out is that Botox is indeed a super universal tool for beauty perfection. And it is damn well for your V-shaped face cheat. The thing is that botox shrinks muscles, which allows the tapering effect and eventually the chin becomes more narrow. But let me make it clear for you – only botox and some makeup will not be enough to you to get the ideal V-shaped face look. You will need to follow my tactic – filler. Filler adds volume and in a combination with botox, the tempering and narrow effect will be perfect. There is something else you need to be attentive about – if you need more muscles to be shrunk, then put the accent with the botox procedure.

But if you need more volume, then filler is what you need.

As to an easier than this double procedure for V-shaped face, you can check out this article. Here is where you can find out how to avoid putting filler and having botox. The process is called thread lift and it can give you the V-shaped effect immediately without causing you any pain on your face and without creating any risk for your health. Even though a type of a surgeon and made by a real doctor, but not by a cosmetic specialist, the thread lift is ideal for people, who find lots of difficulties into getting the V-shaped facial look with makeup, botox, filler or a combo of these three things. This procedure takes you less time, requires you less money and eventually shows better effect. So, to tell you the truth I have no idea why some women bother as to botox appointments, filler procedures every month and makeup selection every single week…A thread lift is a much greater and better option for you to get the feminine, elegant and graceful look of the V-shaped gua zi lian Korean face. I recommend you the thread lift with both hands! Besides, let`s not forget how painful the ordinary facelift can actually be…Well, thread lift is a completely different approach and it excludes any kind of pain, discomfort, eventual side effects or post-operation bruises, wounds and whatever bad you can think off! The thread lift is fantastic and it sculptures your face in a super awesome way. I am telling you, girls, with it you will look outstanding!