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Meso Hair Loss Microneedling Treatment

Meso hair loss treatments – Designed by doctors

meso hair loss treatment

A signature service at Papilla Haircare Singapore.

Most of the meso hair loss treatment centres in Singapore are run by beauticians and might not truly be backed by science and certified by aesthetic doctors. I found out about Papilla because it was the only one that treats hair loss according to doctor prescriptions.

Meso Hair Loss Microneedling & ScalpElectroporation (SEP) are some of their signature medical-based treatments

It is designed by board-certified doctors for hair thinning and hair loss in Singapore. This hair loss treatment uses stem cell growth factors, laser light LED therapy and gentle needling to reboot the scalp and detox the hair.

Figure 1 Start with Ampoule selection & Hair Diagnosis at the Papilla Haircare.

meso hair loss treatment patient massage

Figure 2 Bio-ionic warming paddle for blood circulation

The treatment starts with relaxing aromatherapy, shoulder massage and a warm galvanic paddle to calm and prepare you for 90mins of bliss. The therapist then begins a scalp cleanse to unclog hair follicles, scale away dead cells and filter away chemical residues from hair styling products. using a Bio-Ionic paddle, followed by application of hair growth factors, essential nutrients and ends with medical-grade laser light therapy.

meso hair loss treatment patient

Figure 3 Anion Shampoo Bubbly Wash

Next comes the Anion Shampoo Bubbly Wash. Essentially a shampoo wash with thousands of micro-bubbles, the tiny vibrations help to release scalp tension and enhance blood flow.

The next stage uses cutting edge technology called mesotherapy

Mesotherapy includes essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and co-enzymes are superficially needled into the scalp. This delivery system is painless, safe and effective – in fact, it is one of the most progressive techniques used to combat or prevent hair loss in women, even for preventive measures, to boost hair growth. Out of the topic, you can read more about male hair loss pattern.

machine meso scalp

Figure 4 Laser LED Light for Scalp Sanitization

The treatment ends with a laser LED light to sanitize the scalp and finally a mist bath to seal in the nutritive goodness of the mesotherapy.

To end, the treatment includes a final hair cleanse and professional hair styling at Papilla Salon. After this luxurious hair detox, you will find your hair bouncy, ultra soft and satin smooth. You’ll leave revitalized and feel like a queen!

Before and After Hair Loss Treatment:

Before: dead cells surround each follicle and presence of unhealthy white hair.

meso hair loss treatment before after2

Figure 5 After 1 month: clean scalp with new baby hairs growing out of each follicle.

meso scalp before after1

Figure 6 After 2 months: scalp remains clean with even more new baby hairs sprouting.

Figure 7 Leave looking glamourous for professional hair styling.

Meso Scalp Hair Micro-needling: 75mins, $350

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