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Managing Pregnancy Acne

Acne is something that we typically deal with in the teenage years, but it can start to re-emerge once you become pregnant. There are many treatment options that you can consider to get it under control and resume enjoying your newly found glow. As with anything, be sure to cover any medications with your doctor before trying them if you are pregnant or looking to become pregnant.

Why Pregnancy Acne Occurs

Acne is a very normal occurrence during pregnancy. Hormone levels start to rise in the first trimester as the body starts to account for not only your needs but for the baby’s as well. Because of this, the production of natural oils in the skin also begins to increase. The increase in oils on the skin can cause pore blockage and lead to breakouts. If you are lucky enough to have survived the first trimester without falling prey to new and additional acne, chances are you won’t suffer from pregnancy acne.

Natural Treatments

While treating things naturally is always a better choice if you can manage it. This is especially true during pregnancy, as we want to introduce as few unnatural substances to the body as possible. One thing to try is to use a natural cleanser to wash your face twice per day and make sure that you are washing your hair on a regular schedule. Try to keep from scrubbing your face to much as this will cause your face to overcompensate for the lack of natural moisture in the skin. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet with plenty of vitamin A – you can find this is carrots, fish, and dairy products. It’s best to stay in contact with your doctor if you decide to supplement, as high concentrations of certain vitamins can be unhealthy for your baby.

Other Treatments

If natural treatments don’t seem to be doing the trick, it might be time to speak with your doctor about a different treatment option. They may recommend a treatment option that includes over-the-counter medication, or they might decide to look into a prescription option to control your breakouts. Some women find that dealing with a dermatologist during this time can also uncover some alternative treatment options that can help with pregnancy acne as well.

Managing Pregnancy Acne
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