laser treatment acne scars singapore

Laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore

If you have struggled with acne and chronic blemishes at any point in your life, you may have residual scarring that now affects the appearance and feel of your facial skin. Although the beauty industry offers many options to minimize their appearance, laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore provides a genuine results that lasts.

Before you consider contacting a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist in Singapore for this high-tech treatment, you should understand why it is the best option for you, how much it costs, and if there are any potential negative side effects to consider.

Why Choose Laser Treatment for Acne Scars in Singapore

laser treatment acne scars singapore

Approved laser treatments, which have been used around the world for years, can reduce the unpleasant look and feel of scarring that comes from pustular or cystic acne.

Even after you clear up the blemishes, these scars can affect your appearance and sense of confidence. With a simple and effective outpatient treatment using innovative laser technology, you can eliminate or reduce these problems.

Laser technology has been used in medicine and dermatology specifically since the 1960s. Since then, many advanced tools and methods have expanded to include things like robotic scanning devices and fractionated laser technology.

Today, light-based devices are used for everything from hyperpigmentation to broken capillaries to acne scars.

How Much Does Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring Cost?

The overall cost for laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore depends on various factors. Of course, each individual patient will need to be assessed by a dermatologist or cosmetic technician certified to use these lasers. You have many scars, it will cost more than someone with just a few.

That being said, it does cost less to get treatment in Singapore than it does in many other parts of the world.

Fractional laser sessions may cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 each depending on the severity and the provider’s overhead. Multiple sessions are usually necessary.

Varying acne scar treatment costs

You may wonder why one clinic charges much more than another. Should you automatically go with the cheaper option, or are low prices an indication of less effective treatment?

As long as you research the providers for laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore well and make sure they are using the approved fractional CO2 or erbium laser technology, the results should virtually be the same.

Factors that Influence the Results of Acne Scar Laser Treatment


When it comes to laser treatment for acne scars, Singapore offers an excellent opportunity to change your look at an affordable price.

However, does everyone get the same benefits from the procedure? Although dermatological experts always strive to create effective procedures for every patient, the current lasers do not work the same across the board.

Skin tones and complexion, as well as age, can be factors that affect the effectiveness of light-based treatments such as laser therapy.

Does Laser Treatments for Acne Scars Have Side Effects?


As beneficial as this acne scar reduction process is, you may experience some mild side effects that are usually temporary.

For example, redness, itching, and swelling are common short-term annoyances after laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore. The provider may recommend a healing cream or best practices to alleviate this aggravation.

In a small number of cases, more serious or long-lasting side effects occur. Some people experience a breakout of acne after the laser treatment, but this will go away again quickly. Infection is always a risk with resurfacing procedures. In some cases, the spots that received treatment may become darker than the surrounding skin.

What should I do?

Choosing a laser treatment for acne scars in Singapore can give you an affordable and effective way to deal with the unsightly leftovers of past blemishes.

With careful consideration of which professional provider to go for and understanding that costs may change depending on your particular case, laser treatments rise to the top of the list for a permanent solution for acne scarring.

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