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Jamie Chua and me at Elle Fashion Week

jamie chua elle fashion

Jamie Chua, my business partner, asked me along to attend Elle Fashion Week at Bangkok.

My first ever overseas fashion week! I was so excited even though I felt super tired upon arriving at the land of the smiles via a morning flight. Jamie’s boyfriend Terence would join her two nights later, and we were ready for what were installed for us.

jamie chua elle fashion elle white dress elle dinner

Me and Jamie were really busy over there, attending lunch functions and visiting local designer offices. Thanks to Jamie, we were given VIP treatment and had a BMW to chauffeur us around. Look at Jamie getting busy with work even when we were tasting some wine!

jamie chua elle fashion week

jamie chua elle fashion

Here I was, sitting together with Jamie and all the celebrities and models.

At the fashion shows, I made tons of new friends and even got the chance to meet famous personalities like Bryanboy and Kristina Bazan. It was really an eye opener for me and I would definitely want to attend more overseas fashion shows if I ever have the chance again.

elle fashion week elle fashion

This marks the end of my trip. I really wished I could stay longer but I had to attend a dinner at Waku Ghin back in Singapore. (Yes I’m a foodie!) That is one of my favourite restaurants and I can’t wait to visit it again!