Importance of Oxygen for Beautiful Hair in Singapore

The skin on our body requires oxygen to breathe. Similarly, the scalp also needs to breathe. Hair follicles need oxygen to regenerate and grow healthily. They absorb nutrients and oxygen supplied through the bloodstream. Increased oxygen supply helps the scalp to stimulate hair growth significantly. However, when oxygen intake is reduced, due to stress or diet changes, the hair follicles become weak and induce hair loss problems. Oxygen intake is important for the hair follicles as it revitalizes and generates a healthy scalp with healthy hair growth. The following points signify the importance of oxygen for beautiful hair in Singapore.

Oxygen stimulates healthy hair follicles

Healthy hair is a result of adequate oxygen supply to the hair follicles. The oxygen helps to enhance cell regeneration and increase transportation of blood to stimulate hair growth. With significant amounts of oxygen absorbed by the hair follicles, the possibility of having hair loss is minimized as new hair starts to grow gradually. Therefore, oxygen is an essential element that is required to build hair growth and keep it supple, shiny and moisturized.

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Oxygen stimulates strong hair follicles

Oxygen helps to stimulate the growth of strong hair by revitalizing and energizing hair cells and strengthening hair structures. Oxygen provides the essentials that are needed to build strong and prevent cell degeneration. It also certainly helps with hair growth since the hair follicles are strong and hair strands do not fall off easily. Of course, strong and volumized hair is everyone’s dream but not everyone can get it.

Oxygen stimulates hair follicles repair

Oxygen helps to cleanse the scalp, moisturizes and deeply oxygenates the hair follicles. Besides stimulating hair growth, it rejuvenates weak and damaged hair follicles caused by harsh hair treatments and chemicals like bleaching, dyes and perms. With adequate amount of oxygen, the damaged hair follicles can be revitalized by repairing bonds and restoring the cuticle and cortex. This also means that worn out cells can be renewed, and damages will be treated from the inside.

Of course, certain hair treatments with oxygen infusion ensures blood circulation and transportation of required essentials (oxygen) to the scalp. By making sure that the scalp has received enough oxygen, the hair follicles will be able to regenerate and grow healthily. While strengthening and nourishing the hair, damaged hair follicles can be repaired simultaneously. In an oxygen scalp treatment, the procedures ensure that the hair follicles are supplied with necessary nutrients.

Depending on your current hair condition, do talk to a professional hair therapist about suitable hair treatments. Even so, you need to undergo regular hair treatments for consistency and effectiveness. Regular treatments will give the hair therapists more insights about your hair growth development and improvise on what can be done further to maintain healthy hair consistently.

Before the explanation on the importance of oxygen to hair follicles gets lengthier, let’s look at the top hair loss centres in Singapore. Aside from aesthetic clinics, these centres target specifically on scalp treatments and hair loss solutions in Singapore.

Top hair loss centres in Singapore consist of Papilla Haircare Singapore, PHS Hairscience, Yun Nam Hair Care, Beijing 101 and TK Trichokare. For instance, Papilla Haircare Singapore offers Cell Nutrition Therapy for Hair Loss that is a soothing and calming treatment for the scalp. The salon uses an Oxygen gun to deliver cooling oxygen combined with vital nutrients to every hair follicle and remove worn out hair cells.

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These oxygenated hair treatments provide oxygen to the scalp for regeneration. It is the best solution for a range of significant hair care concerns or troubles. With a new and refreshed scalp, there will be more blood circulation, which promotes strong hair and induces hair growth or repair. In turn, your hair structure strengthens with thicker and stronger hair follicles; overcoming all hair concerns you would’ve faced.

We need to understand that in order to get healthy hair, it requires a significant amount of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. Moreover, the scalp is located on top of our body, which is a difficult place to get oxygen and blood circulation (as it is far away from the heart and blood tend to travel upwards slower).

However, pure oxygen hair treatments can help your hair follicles to become strong, regenerate, nourish and stimulate at the same time. By then, you do not need to worry about any hair concerns! To continue shining for the year of 2019 with revitalized hair, do book an appointment and consult your favorite hair salon(s) in mind. Your hair will surely thank you for the efforts and return with a better comeback!