food for dog

Human food for dog, yes or no?

Do you own a dog?

Yes, I do, and other than feeding it the usual dog food, I will occasionally share what I am eating with it. Hold on a sec! That doesn’t mean any human food is fine, we and dogs are after all very different. Here are some human foods which you can safely share with your furry companion:


A rich source of protein, you can cook it and feed some to your doggie, but please make sure the chicken is unseasoned.


Yes, eggs are fine as well, and like chicken, they are rich in protein. Feel free to crack an egg and scramble it for your dog to enjoy something different for a change!


Surprise surprise! Yoghurt is actually okay to share with your pet dog. This is especially great for indigestion issue, but please stick to plain yoghurt which contains no sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Now here are a few things which you should NEVER feed your dog with:


You may be able to hold your liquor well, but don’t ever share a drop with your doggie. It will become intoxicated easily and that can lead to seizures. The worst outcome is death.


A great source of fibre for us humans and sweet to top it off, raisins are definitely a no-no to dogs. Consuming raisins can potentially cause kidney failure in dogs, so leave those for yourself.


It is very kind of you to want to share some with your pet, but no chocolate, please. Chocolates contain stimulants which cannot be handled by dogs and can lead to them getting overly excited. An overdose can even cause a dog to be dead!