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Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Fat Face

You know why you have a fat face, now it’s time to get rid of it. Switching your diet doesn’t always work. There are many reasons for the face to bloat and swell. Here are the top home remedies to help you get rid of a fat face today.

Do Your Facial Exercises

The first thing to do is look into facial exercises. The face is the area that is least likely to get a workout, but the easiest area to work on. After all, you can sit down at your desk and do your exercises without thinking about them! Look out facial yoga techniques and wants to work on the muscles surrounding the jaw and cheeks.

Start Chewing Gum

Chewing gum may not look professional, but it is great for a facial workout. You constantly keep your jaw moving, and there are very few calories in the stuff; just make sure you use the sugar-free options. If you can’t chew gum while at work, find other times of the day you can, such as when you’re at home or walking to and from work. Chewing gum can also keep the brain active, which is great for fighting off other health problems.

Make an Egg White Mask

Facial masks are great for tightening the skin and adding hydration directly to the problematic areas. Egg white face masks are also full of protein. You can make one really quickly and simply with just two egg whites. Add some milk, lemon and honey to the mix to help create a delicious smelling, healthy mask. Leave the mask on for about 30 minutes to get all the health benefits. Another great benefit is the money you save on the facial masks already out there!

Treat yourself and look after your face. Most of the fat face issues are due to swelling and bloating, as well as loose skin. It’s time to tighten those muscles and the skin, reducing the look of your jaw and cheeks.

These days there are many innovative yet non surgical ways to slim your face. Such treatments can be found in aesthetic clinics. If you are looking for a recommendation then check out our review of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore.