woman with slim face and haircut

Hairstyles to Slim the Face

Have you tried all the facial exercises in the world, but still struggle with the chiselled, perfect face? You don’t need to do exercise. Your hairstyle can make all the difference. Whatever shape your face is, you need to think about haircuts that naturally have a slimming effect. Some of these include soft curls, layered cuts, side bangs and asymmetrical bobs. Front fringes and highlights can also help, but you need to get rid of the straight-ironed look to help create some shape to your face. Here are three of the top hairstyles to use for a slimmer v face.

Asymmetrical Bobs

These are definitely worth trying. The regularly bobs usually stop at the chin or can be even shorter. This adds kilos to your face. With an asymmetrical one, where the back is shorter than the front, the front remains longer than the chin. Your face then looks longer, so it appears slimmer. Certain features like your jawline are also featured.

Opt for a Messy Style

Clean buns make your face look bigger and rounder. Messier hairstyles add something extra to your face. They hide the flesh around the cheeks. The benefit of still pulling the hair back is that your neck looks longer, making your face seem thinner. You can also add this look with curly or straight hair. Let your shorter hair fall naturally once you secure elements with bobby pins. Consider adding curls around the forehead.

Add the Layers

Soft layered looks conceal the chin and cheeks, so your face looks slimmer than it really is. Many people with oval or round faces suit medium length hair. The best way to make this work is to make sure all longer layers fall on the face to help. A great benefit of this look is that it adds dimension and depth while adding structure to your cheekbones. You could even knock years off your face with a brighter look.