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Hair Loss Treatment Methods in Singapore & 10 Tips to Prevent Hairfall

There are several factors affecting your hair’s ability to regrow quickly and this can include genetics, inflammation, diet, childbirth, and more. Through effective hair loss treatment methods available in Singapore such as medication, laser treatments, and making small lifestyle changes, the direct causes of hair loss can be targeted and reduced, thus stimulating hair regrowth.

Hair Loss Medicines, Drugs, and Supplements

There are a few proven medications and supplements for use in the market.

Hair Loss Medicines, Drugs, and Supplements

The first one is Minoxidil, an FDA approved product that enhances the hair follicles to make them appear larger. With years of research that has gone into the creation of this medication, it is no wonder that nearly 50% of women over 79 years of age use the product. Minoxidil is considered one of the more reliable hair loss treatment options in Singapore should you want to treat hair loss on your own.

Another medication is Finasteride, mainly used to treat hair loss in men. However, it may come with side effects such as impotence, dizziness, weakened strength and abnormal ejaculation.

Additionally, a supplement to consider is Viviscal, aimed at making the body produce thicker and healthier strands of hair. The supplement contains a mix of fish protein, zinc, biotin, vitamin C and niacin.

Other common hair loss treatment methods in Singapore

Laser treatments are well known for treating hair loss and reversing the signs of ageing on the scalp. The upside is this is a non-invasive hair loss treatment and can be had in hair and scalp care salons or purchased over the counter. Of course, clinics often have medical grade versions which are deemed to be more powerful and effective.

Laser hair loss treatment methods

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is another option to consider as some people are genetically wired to have thin hair or experience thinning hair after a certain point in life. With the right kind of therapy, that will restore your hormone levels back to normal and hair thinning can be reduced or eliminated entirely. That, of course, depends on the severity of the case. In Singapore, the treatment of hormones is a popular female hair loss treatment.

Cortisone shots might be painful but has proven to be successful, nonetheless. Having this shot injected directly into the scalp will halt the hormonal activity responsible for thinning hair. This option is an especially great solution for those who suffer from inflammatory scalp disease while also preventing hair loss.

TCM hair loss treatment methods

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that hair thinning is a result of low kidney energy and ill blood, and the solution is usually acupuncture. While there is not much scientific evidence to prove its worth, many men and women swear by it as the conventional way to treat hair loss in Singapore. They also have their own methods on how to prevent hair loss, so take what you will.

10 ways to prevent hair loss

Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons. There is sometimes a genetic link, but it can also be due to poor diet and lack of hair protection regime. Extreme stress can also trigger significant hair loss in some people.

You can limit the amount of hair that you lose and even prevent it. While you cannot change your genes, you can do the following things to prevent hair loss from occurring or recurring.

  1. Follow a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Your hair is like the rest of your body. It needs nutrients to look full and luxurious. If you do not follow the right diet, you will find your hair drying up quickly and is more likely to fall out. It is never too late to change your diet.

A healthy and balanced diet does not mean cutting out all those sinful takeaways, cakes, and chocolates. It just means eating them in moderation. Get in more fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and starchy carbohydrates to get all the nutrients your body and hair needs.

  1. Limit the Use of Heat

Hairdryers, curlers, and straightening irons are popular tools, but they cause heat damage to the hair. This can lead to hair falling out as the roots are damaged beyond repair. Where possible, use natural methods to curl your hair or dry it. Patting your hair dry with a towel is much better than constantly using the heat.

If you really need to use heat, keep it on low and put a protective treatment over your hair. Both men and women can benefit from this tip!

  1. Watch Out for Chemicals

Minimise chemicals hair loss

If you love dyeing your hair, it is time to look at the products you have been using. Chemicals will damage the roots and that contributes to hair loss. Cutting them out completely is useful and there are lots of healthy, natural ways to colour your hair. Where possible, limit the number of times you colour your hair to keep it healthy.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress leads to the release of stress hormones. One of which is called cortisol. Cortisol itself does not cause hair loss but and it mostly affects the male hormones. However, in the chemical vat that is your body, cortisol has an interplay with other hormones and hormone levels.

High levels of cortisol are usually associated with high levels of testosterone which in turn is metabolised by certain enzymes in your body, leading to high levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High levels of DHT causes alopecia areata or “hair spot baldness”, a form of hair loss in males.

Thankfully, due to stress, it is usually temporary. For healthy hair, keep your stress levels under control and do more of the things that makes you feel relaxed. Reduced stress is also good for your blood flow and healthy hormone levels, all of which can aid in hair regrowth.

  1. Reduce MSG Intake

This could be the top few reasons for the rise of hair loss treatment in Singapore. Ever heard how eating too much instant food can cause hair loss? Though there have been significant amounts of anecdotal experiences claiming how MSG has negative effects on human health, little research studies have been done to substantiate these claims.

MSG has been used in foods for decades and has been listed by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as “generally recognised as safe”. Unless you are eating MSG by the kilos, nothing adverse should happen to you – but with all things in life, moderation is important.

  1. Stop Physical and Chemical Strain on Your Hair

Just like all tangible matter, your hair is subject to the laws of physics too. If you are applying a lot of force when drying your hair, applying too much heat to your hair, or applying chemical products that damage your hair, hair fall will be common. In fact, many folks who opted for hair loss treatment in Singapore had their problems originating from chemical treatments.

Even small things like brushing your hair while it is wet or entangled can cause physical damage to your hair!

  1. Cut Down on Smoking

Smoking, specifically the smoke that gets into your hair, contains a myriad of damaging chemicals that would take years to list out. Besides the universal consensus on how smoking is extremely damaging to your health, toxicants from smoke can lead to genetic damage to your hair follicles.

Not only that, smoke that gets into your hair also disrupts your hair’s natural growth cycle, resulting in an imbalance in the follicular protease/antiprotease system, which is vital to control tissue remodelling. Take better care of your hair by avoiding smoking. Many who went for hair loss treatment in Singapore have been advised to cut smoking completely.

  1. Prevent Mineral Deficiency

If you are lacking in iron or zinc, it is highly likely that you will experience hair loss. While the exact mechanism of having mineral deficiency and hair loss is not conclusive, the researcher theorises that these two metals and minerals are necessary for regulating the genetic metabolism of hair.

There are studies that have shown a clear link between iron or zinc deficiency and hair loss. Eating a well-balanced diet or taking health supplements can be an effective hair loss treatment.

  1. Excessive Vitamin A and E Consumption

Hypervitaminosis A and E occur – just as what the name implies – when there is an overconsumption of these two vitamins. This was discovered whilst researchers were trying to find proof that deficiency in these two vitamins would lead to hair loss and were unable to. Excessive vitamin A and E deficiency do have health consequences so remember to take them in moderation.

  1. Scalp massage

scalp massage hair loss

Scalp massage is an important part of hair care in the male pattern. This most likely will not offer much help with hair loss but it will strengthen and stimulate your hair follicles and hair shaft.

If you are experiencing a serious, persistent sort of hair shedding, you may be suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. In this case, slathering on creams and essential oils or popping pills will not do much to solve the problem. Instead, it is more reliable to consult professionals in Singapore like Papilla Haircare who have proven results. Find out how to stop losing your tresses, by seeking professional help!