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Stress-Related Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Singapore (2021)

With all the uncertainty around us due to the pandemic, there have been rising cases of hair loss as a result of having a stressful lifestyle. Stress-related hair loss problems are a thing, and if we ignore the signs, many of us may become more prone to hair loss and balding in the near future. Thankfully, there are stress-related hair loss treatment options available in Singapore at affordable cost to help address our hair and scalp problems.  

Where to begin if you experience hair loss?  

female experiencing hair loss

Hair loss affects both genders. Studies have shown that almost 50% of women in Singapore consider hair loss as a major concern. By age 35, nearly 40% of men will suffer some form of hair loss.  

It is first important to diagnose whether you are indeed suffering from a major hair loss problem or just experiencing normal hair loss.  

Regular hair loss is a normal occurrence, of about 100 to 150 hair strands falling out each day. Any increase in hair loss over a gradual period of time should be a cause for concern. Suspicious hair loss is typically caused by factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance and ageing. 

If you start to see signs of abnormal hair loss, it may be time to consult a hair and scalp care expert. Some signs to look out for include:  

  • Itchy scalp: Excessive scratching of the scalp can cause damage to your hair follicles, causing you to lose hair. 
  • Excessive hair falling: If you start noticing large amounts of hair in the toilet after you shower, or on your pillowcase, you may have a hair loss issue.  
  • Patchy bald spots: Some people may experience coin-sized or circular bald spots. You may feel itch or pain before the hair falls out.  
  • Scalp becomes increasingly noticeable: If your scalp has been increasingly more visible, this is a surefire sign that you should seek scalp treatment in Singapore.   
signs of hair loss male pattern baldness

What happens during a hair or scalp care consultation?  

During your consultation with the hair and scalp care expert, a scalp assessment will be conducted. This entails a diagnosis of your hair loss condition, followed by customized treatment recommendations to reverse the hair loss.  

Some treatments can include the ones that follow!  

Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore: Cost & Effectiveness  

Laser therapy (for mild to moderate hair loss) 

laser therapy for hair loss

Also known as low level laser light therapy, laser light is used to energize hair follicle levels at a cellular level. Safe and concentrated wavelengths of light are delivered to your scalp to stimulate dermal papilla cells, which play an important role in the regulation of hair growth. 

It has been clinically proven to increase hair count, hair density, and hair thickness, with stronger and thicker scalp shafts post-treatment.  

Within 1 to 3 months of treatment, you should see hair loss reversal and newer hair growth from 4 to 6 months! Final results of continual hair regrowth can also be seen after 9 months of repeated sessions, along with other great benefits such as improved blood circulation and reduced scalp inflammation.  

Average session cost: $1,000 to $1,200 

Stem cell treatment 

Stem cell technology is utilized to stimulate inactive and dormant follicle cells, resulting in hair regrowth and melanin production. This makes it excellent for premature hair greying!  

Stem cells are parent cells which have the ability to self-renew and evolve into other types of cells. Stem cell therapy introduces new stem cells into the hair follicle. These stem cells then evolve into hair stem cells, stimulating hair regeneration. 

In particular, Regenera Activa is a popular stem cell hair loss therapy that can combat androgenetic alopecia. Samples of hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and placed into the Regenera machine for centrifugation (technique for isolating healthy stem cells). Post-centrifugation, the extracted stem cells are then injected into the affected scalp area.  

prp for hair loss singapore

Results show in just a short span of 2 to 6 months. It is non-invasive with minimal downtime, and is available in different variants to address different stages of hair loss across the Hamilton–Norwood scale (for male pattern baldness) and female hair loss patterns.  

Average session cost: $300 to $600 


Micro-needles are used to stimulate hair follicles to ensure hair follicles are strengthened and remain in growth stage. Mesotherapy is also a form of collagen induction therapy that causes hair growth. 

Active ingredients such as the growth-stimulating salmon DNA are delivered into the dermis layer, promoting the formation of new blood vessels. This leads to deep follicle cleansing, enhanced scalp immunity, and lymphatic toxin discharge.  

mesotherapy for hair loss

With consistent weekly treatments, results typically take around 12 weeks to show up. Symptoms like alopecia areataandrogenetic alopecia, and receding hair can also be corrected with microneedling 

Average session cost: $100 to $300  

Hair transplant 

Hair transplant is a surgical technique which involves transplanting hair follicles from one part of the scalp to the bald patch, where it will continue to grow naturally. Performed by a certified medical professional, it is a safe procedure with few side effects, and patients feel minimal discomfort due to local anaesthesia.  

However, this is a surgical procedure and patients should be prepared for a certain level of risk, even though the discomfort felt is minimal. Though the procedure is only skin-deep, there may be mild itchiness and swelling.  

Post-surgery, it takes about 4 to 5 months for the transplanted hair follicles to grow new hair. The new hair will become fuller and thicker over time. It may take around a year for the transplanted hair to fully mature.  

Average session cost: $6,000 to $15,000 

male experiencing hair loss

Here is an overview of the types of hair loss treatment in Singapore to help you make an informed decision for stress-related hair loss concerns. 

TreatmentWho is it forCostRating
Laser therapyMild to moderate hair loss$1,000 – $1,2004/5
Stem cell treatmentAll stages of hair loss$300 – $6004/5
MicroneedlingAlopecia areata, Androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness$100 – $3004/5
Hair transplantModerate to severe hair loss$6,000 – $15,0005/5

After reviewing these popular hair loss treatment options, you may want to check out a wider range of treatment alternatives for a final evaluation. Additionally, we do recommend that you consult a hair and scalp care expert to pinpoint the causes of your hair loss to prevent further hair fall and thinning.  

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