Foodie Sharon T

Like the title suggests, I love to EAT. I usually try to eat healthily during the weekdays unless I have dinner appointments so that I can have an excuse to spoil myself with all the great food on the weekends, TEEHEE! My favourite cuisine has gotta be Japanese, and sea urchin is my undisputed number one!

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Tagliolini with sea urchin @ il Lido

missysharont foodie eating

Uni aka sea urchin is my weakness, I love eating it so much!

I will be going for a snowboard trip in Japan for 10 days at the end of the year, so what does that mean? Means I’m going to have to find ways to slim down soon!

Authentic Japanese food for my ultimate indulgence!

Yes, and I would absolutely hunt for sea urchin delicacies over there.

My favourite Japanese restaurants in Singapore would have to be Waku Ghin and Hashida for the pricey ones. As for one of the more mid-range choices, IKYU would be my go-to. Usually, my gals will meet either once a week or every fortnight to have sake dinner.

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Sea urchin and Oscietra caviar @ Waku Ghin, looks so exquisite, doesn’t it?

Other than frequenting my usual favourite restaurants, I am always down to check out new joints with reasonable prices and great food. Recently, I made my way down to Boruto and the food was really delicious. Boruto is definitely on my recommended list for fellow Japanese food fanatic, especially if you love sea urchin-like myself!

plate with food

Uni Pasta @ Boruto, Japanese meets Italian!

I am also a huge fan of Italian food.

So this sauteed capellini mixed with sea urchin roe and Hokkaido white wasabi pretty much satisfied both my cravings at once. Truffle season is just around the corner and I am so excited about it. Totally can’t wait for it to arrive, WOOHOO!