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Facelift and Threadlift review in Singapore

Thread Lift Singapore

Medical science has made it much easier for us ladies to get the desirable V-FACE (gua zi lian) these days. Our parents were not as lucky. Now we can use Botox, a full Facelift, the new minimally invasive V-lift or simply go for a thread lift in Singapore…. the only problem is deciding which method to use. In the following sections, I will do my best to give an objective review of thread lifts, facelifts as well as v-lifts in Singapore. Please note that the following is based on my experience and is written from my personal perspective. I am in no way a doctor but only a customer. However, due to me actually having tested these, I believe I am also credible enough to review facelift costs, thread lift costs and general prices in and around these areas.

Botox Vs Fillers

I’ve tried botox for a little while to shrink the muscles around my lower jaw area. I liked it, it was good =) It gave me a much more defined look when combined with a tiny amount of fillers on the upper cheeks.

For those of you who are curious about botox VS filler, my simple explanation is this: Botox = shrinkFiller = volume.

So depending on what your concern is, you’d pick either. Botox can only shrink muscle though. It can’t help you get rid of fat. One common problem for those of us with hamster cheeks is there’s no muscle in that lower cheek area so botox won’t help! The doctor’s skill is also very important!!! I’ve spent $1000/- on a filler jab around my jaw area which had NO EFFECT AT ALL! And it took many injections… OUCH! Regret! It’s fortunate that it was only needles into the face. Can you imagine doing a facelift and having 0 effect after enduring all the pain!? That would be a nightmare indeed.

Thread Lift Costs in Singapore

Now that leaves the 3 types of lifts. Facelifts in Singapore can be classified into 3 different types.

1) Traditional Face lifts are the most invasive (Cut, Pull the skin up, stitch),

2) Suture Thread lifts are less invasive but still has downtime (stich & anchor)

3) Dissolvable V lifts (new Korean-style technique, minimally invasive hence little downtime) Here’s a little table to show you the pros, cons and cost of these 3 V-face methods.

v-shaped face

Many of you have been asking me about thread lift costs, v-lift costs and the cost of facelifts in general. Honestly, all 3 of them fall under facelifts and thread lifts cost about $2k if you go to a well-known and experienced doctor.

Prices might differ based on a doctor to doctor, but generally speaking, the cost of thread lifts in Singapore don’t vary too much. As such, if you find a doctor that tells you the cost of thread lift is $1,000, I’d actually be quite suspicious.

Now, if all thread lifting costs around the same, how can we decide where to go? My advice is to seek out at least FOUR different opinions from different doctors. Go for a consultation and then pick the doctor you feel most comfortable. Sometimes, it is worth it to pay slightly more for a better doctor, especially when we are doing something to our face. I wish you all the best in your threadlift journey!