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Face Slimming in Singapore

For those who know me well enough, you’d know that I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I love delicious food! That might also explain my acne out break! ( I blame the yummy salted egg yolk onion rings I just had.)

However, this also makes it important for me to find out how to slim my face. It’s good but every now and then, when I need to slim down my face for an event, I will start pulling out all my most effective face slimming secrets.

Face Slimming in Singapore

face slimming

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As mentioned in my previous post about the acne and acne scar removal treatment, I wanted to find out how to slim my face down. Upon further research, I found out that there are many face slimming therapies available in Singapore. Most of them are non-invasive and no surgery is required, so that makes me really interested to find out more. Face slimming without surgery or invasive treatments requires much, MUCH less recovery time. That does always sound more tempting.

Hard to Slim Down Face

Slimming a face is tough. Very tough. Exercise and diet cannot slim the face unless you lose fat throughout your whole body. This sounds good but is not usually very practical. Girls can end up looking too scrawny and unhealthy. The amazing thing about treatments is they can target fat loss on the face directly.

It’s not surprising but I chose to see what else Nuffield had to offer since I was very satisfied with the previous treatment I did for my acne scar removal. (For those unfamiliar, Nuffield Aesthetics is the latest aesthetic clinic powerhouse at Pacific Plaza that literally has the BEST aesthetic treatments in Singapore)  I’m generally really impressed that they have all the latest medical-grade technology to reduce the need to perform invasive surgery.

And they didn’t disappoint me after all! I found not one but THREE ways to slim down my face without needing to go through surgery! However, the ones that caught my eye the most was the MiniFx Face Slimming and the Madonna Oxylight Facial.

Targeted face slimming without pain and downtime!

Sign me up now! I’d definitely be giving these a shot. It’s important for a girl to know how to slim her face so she can continue eating yummy food (moderately of course :)).

But for now, time for more beauty sleuthing. Stay tuned for more recommendations from me. <3