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Eliminating Stubborn Face Fat

Why is it that when we lose weight or even when we put on just a few pounds, it seems to go right to the face? You can see it in the cheeks and in that pesky double chin.

Stephen S. Park, M.D., president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says, “when we gain or lose weight, we are not increasing or decreasing the number of fat cells…the cells themselves are enlarging or shrinking.” He went on to explain that certain people hold more fat cells in certain “problem areas” than other people do, which will help explain those areas we all struggle with.

Other genetic factors can affect the look of fullness or “chubbiness” in your face, including the size of the structures within the face, like the saliva glands for example.  The bone structure also plays a part in the overall appearance and shape of the face, so there will come a time for everyone when no matter how much diet and exercise is performed, the shape will not change any further. Regardless of your genetic factors, there are some other things that affect the shape of your face (in a good way):

Water Retention

Many things can cause your body to retain water, including sugar, salt, and alcohol. It is the face many times where you will notice the water retention when these items are consumed. Reduce your intake of these three items, and increase your water consumption to help fight retention.

Food Intolerances

Everyone knows that it’s important to maintain a healthy diet. There are many food intolerances that we can be susceptible to, including gluten, dairy, and others. It is common to experience bloating and the appearance of a fuller face when consuming items that our body has a high sensitivity to. Work on figuring out what your body accepts well and what it doesn’t help fight these symptoms.

Hormone Changes

Some women find that their face looks full during their monthly cycle, we have all had the experience of “feeling fat” during these times – and that is completely normal. However, you might want to check with your gynaecologist about ensuring your hormones are in balance. If you are experiencing hot flashes and seem to be experiencing irregular periods, you could be experiencing the early symptoms of perimenopause. Think you are too young for perimenopause? Some women experience this as early as their 30’s.

Luckily there are ways we still can sculpt a v-shaped face. Check out an aesthetic clinic and ask about the botoxlift, threadlift or facelift.