detox trip

Detox Trip – The Farm @ San Benito

I am a big advocate of detox trips due to the stressful and hectic lifestyle in Singapore. My 2 favourite spots are The Farm at San Benito in Philippines and Chiva Som at Hua Hin Thailand. Both locations are literally polar opposites. At Chiva Som you would totally feel like a taitai on a getaway since the entire place is super classy and you pretty much get ferried everywhere on a buggy. I highly recommend couples who are seeking a retreat to check out Chiva Som.

On the other hand, The Farm at San Benito is actually bigger, but you have to travel everywhere on foot, plus the resort feels like it is smacked in the middle of a jungle. It is an ideal spot for singles and a group of friends who are really down to lose weight during the trip.

My girls and I were on a 7-day Beauty and Longevity Program for this trip. The objective of this program is to achieve balanced health, be it mental or physical, even spiritual and emotional. At the Farm, my fitness trainer Jess provided us with a schedule and routine which included aerobics, punching bag, daily spa treatments and meals consisting of raw food.


Handstand with a little help from the wall, TEEHEE~


Don’t cross Miss Sharon T, she packs a punch, just ask the punching bag

This time around, my girls and I picked Narra Pool Villa. There is a heated swimming pool equipped with hydro jets, perfect for those who absolutely love being in the water.


Enjoying some fresh air by the pool side, something sorely missed in Singapore


King Dancer Pose, great balance isn’t it? XD

girls in the pool

Water is so clear that I can pretty much stay in it all day with my girls!

girls in the pool

Heaviest or lightest on top? Make a guess!

me in the pool

Stay calm, relax, seeking inner peace, caught on camera!

girl with big hat next to the pool

Basking in the warmth of the sun at the beautiful farm

foodie in the restaurant

Cooling herbal tea to start a brand new day

Vegan food was the only option available on the menu, 70% raw and 30% cooked. I was rather freaked out when I heard about it, as I am a true foodie and eater of meat (hence the need for this detox trip oops). By the second day of the trip though, I completely fell in love with what the chef had to offer. I know I can eat a lot so I always make the mistake of ordering a tad too much. So much for a detox trip, feels more like I was on a holiday instead!

vegan okra sausage with fried rice

Vegan okra sausage with fried rice, that’s my breakfast


Raw veggie, no excess sugar or salt or dairy, HEALTHY!

veggie food

More vegan food, feels like a sheep eating grass LOL

vegan food

How many different veggies can you spot in this dish?


Bored of seeing veggie? Here’s some homemade yoghurt with fresh fruit toppings!