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Demotox your solution to itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is a common complaint in Singapore where the climate is typically hot and humid. All of us experience itchy scalp at some point of time in our lives, and it usually occurs when our scalp is overly oily. However, prolonged itch could be due to something far more sinister – it can also be attributed to the presence of creepy-crawlies called Dermodex hair mites.

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Demodex Hair Mites

Demodex is a microscopic hair mite that resides in all human beings. In the past, Demodex hair mites were considered to have a commensal relationship with their host – meaning that they live harmlessly in our hair and on our skin, feeding on oils, hormones and oils. However, in recent years, it is believed that Demodex hair mites have in fact a parasitic relationship with humans and when the population of these mites increases it results in a condition known as Demodicosis or Demodex hair mite bite. An infestation of Demodex usually presents symptoms like hair itch.

itchy scalp symptoms

Symptoms of hair mite infestation

Some early symptoms of Dermodex hair mite bite include itchy scalp, scalp inflammation, thickened rough scalp and in severe cases, an individual might notice red pustules and scalp wrinkles or even hair thinning and hair loss. Demodex hair mites attach themselves to hair follicles and leech on the nutrients and skin cells at the root of the hair shaft. When there is an infestation, the hair root is unable to replenish itself and grow healthily, and hence the scalp will start to feel rough and scaly.

Common symptoms:

  • Itchy scalp
  • Scaly scalp
  • Hair thinning
  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff

Is there a test for Demodex?

Demotox starts with first confirming a case of Demodex hair mite where our Trichologist will perform a Demodex screening test. Upon a confirmation of Demodex hair mite infestation, Follicle’s Demotox Control Treatment Program will be administered. Demotox takes three months to complete and results can be felt from the first treatment where the patient will experience scalp relief and lesser hair fall. There will be a regular monitoring of Demodex hair mites and patients should be able to see a reduction in hair loss within a month of treatment. It is also recommended for patients to use Demotox™ home-care products on alternate days throughout the program to ensure that the mites remain under control. This treatment ultimately nourishes the roots, replenishing the nutrients that are lost and helps boost the immune system of the skin.

All in all, Demodex hair mites exist on every scalp in moderate amounts. However, young children, older people and people with generally weaker immune systems are more susceptible to an infestation.

Is there a treatment for Demodex Mites?

Papilla Haircare in Singapore has a dedicated Dermodex Mite Control program. This doctor-formulated treatment aims at targeting the infestation, minimizing the spread of the hair mites while controlling scalp itching, hair thinning and hair loss. After 3 months, patients should have a healthy and normal scalp.

What’s more, they have a special 1st trial offer now which includes a free screening worth $180. Call them to find out more.

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