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Contours, Highlights & Blushers

Kim Kardashian Contouring Makeup Guide

Some of us are not born with naturally pretty face shapes. But makeup can do wonders! Here are some simple tips:

  1. If you wish to downplay your double chin, then apply the darker colour foundation on your jawline blending into the neck. The illusion of depth will definitely give your face a lot more definition and make it look slimmer.
  2. To narrow your forehead, use one shade darker foundation to create a shadow effect around the temples along the hairline.
  3. Slim down the nose by shading the sides a little darker, while keeping the centre light will make it appear sharper and thinner.

contouring face

To get a defined, model-like face:

  1. Just suck in your cheekbones to make an ‘O’.
  2. Apply the darker shade from the hollow to the corner in a line.
  3. Apply lighter colour or highlighting powder on the highest plane of the cheek to enhance it even further.

Tip: Make sure that the products you choose for contouring your skin in a darker tone have a matte finish. While the products you use for highlighting can have a little sheen or glossy effect for achieving a radiant and dewy look.

During contouring, we cannot undermine the need for a perfect blush in order to attain a natural and radiant flush on the skin. A correct blush not only mimics a healthy glow but also slims down your face since it camouflages the chubby cheeks. Your blush can be either in powder or cream form, matching your skin tone. If your skin gravitates more towards being yellow, then go for peachy blushes. But, if you already have a pink glow on the face, then choose pretty pinks to enhance it further. A correct application of rouge would make your face look thinner instantly.

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