Common Female Face Shapes

Common Female Face Shapes

It is a well-known fact that female facial shape types are different and they determine so many beauty routines and procedure we either perform daily, or we go for once in a while to improve our look.

In fact, the traditional female facial shapes are, as a matter of fact, 6. This table shows you the 6 of them and they are determined as to their main features, faults or advantages.face shapes

The oval face distinguishes with a wide forehead, the long face is usually prolonged and angle features are common, the round face is specific for typical beauty and hair procedures to be done as must, while the square face is the most angle one among all of the 6 facial shapes, the heart shape is known as the most feminine type and last, but not least diamond shape is super rare, but, still, some of you can be blessed with it.

Regardless what your face shape is, you should know several universal things.

First of all, it is your duty as a woman to determine what facial female shape group you fall into. Thus, the rest of the tasks become easy. First of all, the hairstyle. I hope you do know that your haircut is supposed to be determined, respectively done, according to your facial shape, but not according to the latest fashion trends. I know exactly what most of hairstylists do. They simply open up a book with all the hottest fashion trends for female haircuts and they make on you one of them. Are you pleased with such a service? Well, you should not! A good hairstylist know that she or he must consider both things – your individual facial shape and which of all the latest haircuts can actually suit you and to your female facial shape! Got it? Well, your hairstylist should, too!

Also, do not hesitate the makeup. Many women do the same stupid thing as the hairstylists we were just discussing above…These women usually buy extra expensive products and actually they are wasting in vain. Ok, I have nothing against luxurious lipsticks, super modern foundations or amazing and costly eye shadows. What I just hate to see is these products applied on the wrong face or even worse – in a wrong way. If you are wondering how come this happens – you have the best beauty products, but they do not look fine – here`s the answer! Your facial shape is not suitable for them or for such a makeup application way! Start considering what suits your face. I know it could be harsh in the beginning…but trust me – there are even worse cases than yours…

Did you know that Singaporean and Caucasian girls are even in a more difficult situation than yours?

What they usually do – and it is a big mistake – is to follow the so-called ang-mor fashion approach. But they do not understand that this method is actually wrong for their facial shapes. The same thing happens to many Caucasian girls…But never mind, the topic is different. It does not matter what your facial shape type or nationality is! What matters is to know who you are and how you look, so you can be ready to improve yourself in a most appropriate way! And where you need to start is to determine your face, your specific facial features. Only, then, you can proceed with makeup selection, your haircut chosen and done, and etc…Are you ready for such changes? You should be! The effect will be better than your current appearance by all means!

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