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Cheat Code For V-Shaped Face (Facelift in Singapore)

FACE SHAPES (For V lift Considerations)

There are many face shapes for women, though generally, they can be classified into just 6 different types:

different face shapes


Your face shape is very important for determining which hairstyle, eyebrows or even spectacles/shades suit you. Example: A bad hair stylist will style your hair to the latest, nicest trends. A good hair stylist will make sure he/she picks the style which makes you look the best.


A common mistake most Singaporean women make is strictly following ang-mor fashion advice. Their features, skin colour and hair colour are all different from us. So what works for them might not work as well for us and vice-versa. Have you ever seen some really nice styles worn by Caucasian ladies that look like shit when you see it at Orchard road on a random Singaporean? Be very careful about that.

Anyway, back to face shapes. Because it is so important, make sure you know what your face shape type is and you can go from there. However, one thing that nearly never goes wrong on Asian female faces is the v-shape. This is the kinda face we see all those pretty Korean girls have. We can’t get their super long legs, but at least, the face is possible with the various facelift methods in Singapore. For those that think v shape face facelift or thread lift must involve surgery, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Medical technology has advanced to the point where you can actually do a proper v shape facelift or thread lift without surgery or downtime. Facelifting to create a v face is often called vlift or v lift.

The perfect female v-shaped face is often associated with the Korean standard of beauty. There’s no doubt that this face shape is the one most guys and women find attractive. However, some of us are not lucky enough to be born with it. Makeup is an incredible thing though and using tricks to play around with shadows and highlights, we can actually create a more shapely looking face. Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend so much time learning all the difficult techniques, we have other options to get an easy v-shaped face too.

The V shaped face, or “gua zi lian” in Chinese, is defined with a very narrow chin. The face tapers down towards the chin and can be seen as a heart-shape in most situations. Men usually have broader chins and wider jawbones, so this face shape is the complete opposite of that. That’s why it’s seen as the most feminine and beautiful shape around. The best part is that it suits nearly all Asian women. You can nearly never go wrong with a V-shaped face.

V Lifts and Thread Lift in Singapore

Now that leaves the 3 types of lifts. Facelifts in Singapore can be classified into 3 different types.

1) Traditional Face lifts are the most invasive (Cut, Pull the skin up, stitch),

2) Suture Thread lifts are less invasive but still has downtime (stich & anchor)

3) Dissolvable V lifts (new Korean-style technique, minimally invasive hence little downtime) Here’s a little table to show you the pros, cons and cost of these 3 V-face methods.

v-shaped face

Quite clearly, the modern method of V-Face a.k.a Dissolvable Ultra V Thread Lifts is superior and most highly recommended by me. It’s new and hails from Korea, with low downtime and little pain. And you can combine it with different types of threads for best results. It all dissolves so nothing foreign is left behind. You can read more about a combination V lift and thread lift in Singapore here:

Some real life before/after photos:

v-shaped face beforev-shaped face after

I did my V-Lift at  Cambridge Medical. My doctor was Dr Lee Mun Heng. He treats a whole lot of celebrities and socialites and many people think he is very atas but I was really surprised to find that he was very friendly. It made me feel comfortable and that’s important for me when I pick a doctor to do aesthetic treatments.


Facelifts in Singapore generally cost around $1000 to $2000 when done at a certified doctor. I wouldn’t recommend letting a beautician do a facelift for you as it’s an invasive procedure. It’s better to go with a trained and trusted MOH doctor. For v lifts in Singapore, the costs are around $1500 to $2500. My recommended place for this will be Cambridge Medical at Orchard.

Bear in mind when comparing v lift cost, thread lift cost and facelift cost in Singapore, you should also know the pros and cons of each. The procedures can also be combined in certain ways to give you your desired effect. Always check with at least 3-4 different doctors before making your decision.