• fat face eliminating
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    Eliminating Stubborn Face Fat

    Why is it that when we lose weight or even when we put on just a few pounds, it seems to go right to the face? You can see it in the cheeks and in that pesky double chin. Stephen…

  • dadbod

    Dadbod – Is this Really a Thing?

    It seems that some men have evolved – or devolved – to lose sight of trying to keep their bodies in shape, instead the option for a bit of extra “cushion”. You might have seen this trend in the past…

  • tummy fat

    Stubborn Tummy Fat

    Picture this: you have been working hard for weeks on your new diet and exercise regimen, and you are really starting to see the resulting from all of your hard work. You are again fitting into your old jeans and…

  • pregnancy acne
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    Ways to Treat Pregnancy Acne

    Despite what they say, acne isn’t only experienced during your teen years. If you find yourself pregnant you may very well be experiencing a reemergence of acne problems. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures now along with using natural remedies,…

  • perfect v shape
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    Comparison of Clinics

    Every face comes in various shapes and sizes, and the ideal one of this era is the V shape face. Popularized due to the female Korean celebrities, more and more girls are striving for a V shape face of their…

  • clean skin without acne
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    Pregnancy Acne

    Acne during pregnancy is a common problem that many women must deal with. Research has suggested that 1 in 2 women will suffer from pregnancy-related acne, and some of those cases can be quite severe. Acne during pregnancy is caused and aggravated…

  • acne treatments
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    Treating Acne with Birth Control

    Acne is no easy condition. It can lead to social isolation, permanent skin scarring and even anxiety in severe cases. One of the most effective forms of acne treatments is birth control pills. Dermatologists have been using it for decades…

  • pregnancy acne
    Beauty,  Health

    Managing Pregnancy Acne

    Acne is something that we typically deal with in the teenage years, but it can start to re-emerge once you become pregnant. There are many treatment options that you can consider to get it under control and resume enjoying your…

  • woman with slim face and haircut

    Hairstyles to Slim the Face

    Have you tried all the facial exercises in the world, but still struggle with the chiselled, perfect face? You don’t need to do exercise. Your hairstyle can make all the difference. Whatever shape your face is, you need to think…

  • makeup girl
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    Use Makeup for a Slim Look

    There are many benefits to wearing makeup. You can hide blemishes and other flaws with a little concealer. You can enhance specific facial features with some easy to learn tricks. It is fairly easy to master the art of applying makeup and…