facelift cost in singapore

Is a facelift cost high or low?

Looking to look younger again with long-lasting effects but without breaking the bank?

It is high time for you to drop with the expensive facials and anti-ageing creams, and to look for something more efficient.

You may not be able to turn back the clock, but you can have your youthful radiance back – while on a budget! Let us discuss the costs of a suitable anti-ageing and lifting treatment: a facelift.

We will begin with a 100% guaranteed statement – a facelift cost is not that high. 

The average price range of a minimally invasive facelift cost is around S$6000.

This is the average sum, though, that has been spread around the web.

If you look for more results and more clinics – for instance, those in Singapore that are quite affordable, as a matter of fact – you can even reduce this final price and it comes with all taxes, consultations and visitations, as well as stay in the hospital after the surgery, itself, included!

Looking for a suitable face lift for your skin type? The best way is the easiest way: schedule a consultation with any of the top aesthetic clinics that we recommend.

How has a facelift changed your life? We’d love to hear your experience!