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Best Age for Profhilo Skin Booster

No matter your age, if you are trying to combat signs of ageing or invest in a preventive anti-ageing treatment, the Profhilo skin booster is a fantastic way to improve your complexion and can be best suited for any age.

Profhilo skin boosters often get mistaken for dermal fillers and, although they share a lot of similarities, both being injectables containing hyaluronic acid, the results are quite different.

Profhilo skin booster benefits

Benefits of Profhilo skin booster

This skin treatment involves series of micro-injections into the skin containing the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market. Some benefits that can be derived from Profhilo include:

  • Delivers hydration and improves skins texture
  • Stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin
  • Patients need two treatments four weeks apart for optimum results.
  • Results last approximately six months
  • Effects noticeable from four to six weeks

What about Dermal fillers?

Similar to skin boosters but not quite the same, dermal fillers do not provide rejuvenating benefits to the skin. It involves a series of injections under the skin that target specific areas of the face that aims to achieve the following:

  • Adds volume, fills in fine lines, contours and reshapes facial features
  • Used to target problem areas that show signs of ageing such as hands, neck and decolletage
  • Patients can expect to need a top-up treatment every six to nine months
  • Results last up to eighteen months
  • Improvement Instantly noticeable

What is the best age for a Profhilo skin booster?

Most dermatologists would suggest that thirties and forties are the best age for a skin booster, however, there is no specific age limits and patients in their 60s will see an improvement in their complexion, although not as significant as younger patients.

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Patients in their 30s and 40s can expect to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and smoother, plumper skin. The hyaluronic acid also gives the skin a dewy texture and a healthy sheen.

Is Profhilo right for me?

Profhilo improves signs of ageing and is especially good for sagging skin on the lower half of the face. It can help to tighten the jawline and reduce the appearance of smile and laughter lines.

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Profhilo is also a fantastic treatment for dry skin thanks to its use of hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain water leaving you with a glowing complexion. It’s a great choice for those who already have a solid skincare routine and keep a good diet as it enhances your natural skin. Having a healthy lifestyle will also help to maintain the appearance of your skin booster for longer.

The results of a Profhilo skin booster are not as dramatic as what can be achieved from dermal fillers, but if you are looking for a more subtle way to elevate your skin, Profhilo is the choice for you.

Final thoughts

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The secret to great skin is to be proactive, don’t wait for the symptoms of ageing to be etched on your face before you decide to do something about it.

Be diligent with your skincare to maintain the health and appearance of your skin. A combination of good skincare, supplements and cosmetic treatments like Profhilo will ensure you have a youthful glow – whatever your age.

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