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Review of Best Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

Every face comes in various shapes and sizes, and the ideal one of this era is the V shape face. Popularized due to the female Korean celebrities, more and more girls are striving for a V shape face of their own. It is widely believed that a V shape face gives a more feminine look since the jawline would be more refined and the chin sharper. A symbol of youth can also be associated with V shape face, which is a huge reason why it is so desired among young girls. Which places offer the procedure to obtain a V-shape face? Below are 4 clinics available in Singapore.

Illumia Medical (4.5/5)

Famous for their non-invasive Face Design & Face Lifting Treatments, Illumia is a great choice for those who wish to acquire a V shape face without going through the surgery knife. The clinic stands in the heart of Singapore’s major shopping district, making it very convenient for ladies to make their way down. The latest Ultrasound HIFU technology is employed in the procedure, and results can be seen immediately. In addition, the procedure is very affordable and reasonably priced, hence highly recommended among all. Another focus of the clinic is care for post-partum mothers including slimming and feminine heath rejuvenation.

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic (4/5)

Located in the city area, Kowayo is one of the forerunners in Singapore when it comes to V shape face procedure. As its name suggests, the doctors of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic are renowned in the beauty industry and they aim to make the ladies pretty with their dream V shape face. The lounge is well-decorated and classy, and the entire clinic provides a very conducive environment for one to relax and undergo the procedure.

Prive Aesthetics (3/5)

Other than Orchard, Prive Aesthetics also has a branch at Serangoon Nex. They offer a non-invasive, needle-free process to achieve a slim, V shape face, and the best part is that it can be done during lunch break. A little bit of swelling is usually unavoidable, but the procedure is relatively painless. The cost of the entire process is a tad higher compared to most other clinics though.

Tiffany Yang Aesthetic & Surgery (3/5)

The 1-Point V Face Shape procedure is what Tiffany Yang specializes in. Numbing cream is applied before an aesthetic injection is administered as an extra layer of precaution. Compared to the rest of the clinics, the procedure at Tiffany Yang is not as painless as the others. Results are generally positive for the most part, and one can spot the clinic at Dhoby Ghaut.