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Acne Solution at Cambridge (Part 2)

If you guys were with me during the previous episode, you should remember that I had an acne outbreak and had to seek for a reliable treatment process before it gets worse. Cambridge is the place, and AGNES is the solution! Needles have always been scary to me since young, and here I was taking a needle into my face. So how was the final result?

Let’s take a look at my face before treatment. Don’t be too shocked, please!

close up look at my face

A close-up look at my face, see those huge pimples all over my jaw area?

Further view showing pimples were definitely obvious

A further view, the pimples were definitely very obvious

Front view under light, oh those pimples really need to go asap!
Front view under the light, oh those pimples really need to go asap!

My jaw and chin area was still a bit sore when I took those pictures, but it was pretty clear that the pimples had been destroyed completely after the treatment. The truly amazing thing is that even after undergoing all the needling procedures, there seem to be very few acne scars as promised by the doctor. Cambridge also offers acne scar removal treatments if you need to get rid of acne scars.

My jaw area right after the needling procedure was done

My jaw area right after the needling procedure was done, pardon the slight soreness

Similar angle, soreness subsided after a short while
Similar angle, soreness subsided after a short while

He even assured that after the treatment, the recurrence rate of acne would be relatively low due to the sebaceous glands being destroyed. That is really music to my ears!

I would go out on a foot here and say that this is probably Singapore’s best place to go for this treatment. Why? Firstly, it’s their signature and the treatment itself fixes the causes of acne rather than the symptoms. Secondly, the solution is long-lasting so that’s value for money in my eyes. If you want to remove acne scars, you can also check out Cambridge.

To sum up my experience at Cambridge, Dr. Lee has been very professional throughout the entire consultation and treatment process. The technology and method employed are quite effective to say the least, and the staff are all really friendly.

My next concern after the acne treatment is how to slim my face down. Upon further research, I found out that there are many face slimming therapies available in Singapore. Most of them are non-invasive and no surgery is required, so that makes me really interested to find out more.

At this point I am still deciding on which clinic I should go to for face slimming. Once I managed to slim down my face, I will post a review on the therapy I choose. This is definitely next on my to-do list, so stay tuned for updates.