acne advice

Acne Advice

Flawless skin is something that many people chase, and some are able to get pretty close. For many of us though, flaws in the skin are just another fact of life. Most often, the enemy of those looking for beautiful skin is acne. It is reported that 85% of all people will suffer from acne at one point or another in their lifetime. And it isn’t just young people who are experiencing breakouts; adults make up a large portion of the population that must deal with this condition as well.

There are many causes of acne and many treatments as well.

Sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, but let’s take a look at a few common beliefs and acne advice:

Touching the Face

There is some truth to this age-old belief. If you think about the number of surfaces that your hands are exposed to on a daily basis, it isn’t tough to imagine the multitudes of germs that can accumulate. Resting your face on your hand, wiping away sweat, itching – these are all things that we do unconsciously and all things that may be wreaking havoc on your complexion. Look at where you breakouts tend to occur and pay attention to where you often touch your face; you might be able to pinpoint some habits that are resulting in acne.

Stressing Out

We have more going on these days than ever, so it’s not surprising that stress levels are at an all-time high. Stress is big business too; think about all of the products that are marketed toward eliminating it. Stress is not a friend of the human body, but it is a factor in our daily lives. The result is releases of hormones and responses in the body that end up as blemishes on the face in addition to the other effects on the body.  Look for ways to lower your stress levels with things such as exercise, breathing techniques, or possibly painting.

Getting a Tan

There are some out there who believe that getting some sun will help clear up their acne. This is just not the case. In addition to the damage to the skin that the sun can do, it will dry the skin out. This drying will result in the increased production of oils which can increase the chances of a breakout. At best, your tan will mask the breakouts due to the darker colour the skin, but it won’t work to clear the skin.

Acne Advice
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