5 Ideas for a Lovely Mothers Day Gift

It is that time of the year to celebrate a joyous occasion with your one and only beautiful mother! While showering you with endless time and unconditional love all year, it’s your turn to show your love and appreciation for her! It’s the thoughts that count – so use your creativity to come up with different ideas and present a meaningful mothers day gift for your mom! While you are still clueless, these are some tips that might be useful for you:  

Gift Ideas for Mom  

If you prefer to buy physical gifts for your mom, you can perhaps shop for jewellery, apparels, bags and home living items. In terms of jewellery, you should purchase a special ring, necklace, or a pair of earrings and customise it with your mom’s initials. Your mom will be so happy to see how thoughtful you are. There are many local stores that sell jewellery while offering customisation services, such as Tiffany & Co and SK Jewellery. As Mother’s Day is approaching, these shops might be promoting sales for their customers (10% Off White Gold Jewellery for Citibank users at SK Jewellery). For apparels and bags, bring your mother to the town area for a little shopping – visit the retail stores and add more pretty clothes to her collection. Purchasing home living appliances are also pretty common, as some children might shop for hair dryers, washing machines, steamers and kettles for stay-at-home moms.  

Navigating the mall displays of “Gifts for Mom!” can be easy as the occasion is nearing, so spend some time doing the shopping spree for meaningful gifts! (Or you can write a card and pair it with a nice gift, or a bouquet of flowers.) 

Write a Card to Mom  

It is the thoughts that count! Handwritten letters are rare these days. Have you thought of using the traditional method of giving a nice gift card to your mom? It can also be a heart-warming present! This is usually the perfect way for the kids to get involved in celebrating Mother’s Day. In a heartfelt card, there are many thankful messages that you can write to your mom – she’s loving, beautiful, precious, funny, relatable, helpful and so on. It is time to convey the right words to express how much she means to you!  

If you are unsure about what to write on the card, there are some tips for you: “You are my one and only mom, and I will always have a special place in my heart for you. I am so proud to be your son/daughter. Happy Mother’s Day and I love you!” It is the right moment to show your artistic and creative skills on the card! 

Pamper Mummy Dearest

The best way to make your mom feel happy and appreciable on Mother’s Day is to pamper her as much as possible! Put some thoughts into bringing her to a professional hair salon and facial aesthetics clinic (think of any types of pampering treatments from her head to toes!) After working long hours and still putting in efforts to take care of home, it is time to treat your mom with pampering sessions. Some of the ultimate treats include:  

Mothers Day Gift Idea – Hair Treatment

Hairstyle can make all the difference to a person! Some of the hairstyles include soft curls, layered cuts, side bangs and asymmetrical bobs. On this Mother’s Day, treat your mom to a hair treatment, along with pretty haircuts and make her become prettier. At Papilla Haircare, there are Mother’s Day 1st Trial Offers on their signature treatments such as their award winning SEP Activator for Hair Loss, RF Regen with Salmon PDRN and Post-partum Hair Loss Series of treatments ranging from $50 to $225. Based on good recommendations, the ScalpElectroporation (SEP) Hair Activator is Papilla’s signature medical treatment that replenishes & rejuvenates the scalp with essential nutrients while countering hair thinning and hair loss. 

Mothers Day Gift Idea – Facial Treatment

As you are planning to bring your mom on a hair pampering session, don’t forget about how skin is really important to women! Trust me, after seeing a bright, glowing complexion from the facial treatment, you are giving your mom double the happiness. Bring her to any facial salons around your neighbourhood or town area, as long as they offer remarkable services. If you are looking for luxurious treatments with special offers, Nuffield Aesthetics, a highly specialised aesthetics medi-spa is currently offering 50% off for first time customers! One of their best facial treatments include Madonna OxyLight Facial, the gold standard for anti-ageing treatments using the latest medical-grade oxygen and Pulsed Light theray. Oxygen is a proven therapy for regeneration of skin cells while being safe, painless and non-invasive. While women tend to be conscious about their skin, especially when age is catching up, receiving facial treatments occasionally is important (some home remedies are not as effective as clinical treatments found at aesthetic clinics)! Since they are offering special promotions, why not give it a try? Besides hair and facial treatments, there are also other perfect gifts to indulge your mom, such as spa therapy and nail sessions.

 Food for Your Mom  

After receiving hair and facial treatments, make a reservation and bring your mother to her favourite restaurant. As the special occasion is nearing, you can expect to see Mother’s Day promotions in many restaurants. As there are many new mobile apps that offer discount or cashback, feel free to check them out! While waiting for your food, take the time to share about what you love most about your mom. It will be a memorable experience! If your family prefers to dine at home, you can treat your mom to Essence of ChickenBird’s Nest drink, or any other food she loves! There are many alternative ways to present a sincere gift to your mother. Maybe it is as elaborate as a fine dining at Jewel Changi, or simple like a heart-warming dinner at home (best if you are cooking for everyone)! 

Photo shoot with Everyone  

Photo shoot can be a random idea, but it does work perfectly! Photography can help to capture memorable occasions. While our memory capacity can be limited, you can use your phone or camera to capture these important events! Select a spot that is meaningful and capture your family in a photo for a memory that lasts. A few years later, when you look at the photos, it will definitely remind you of those past memories! 

What has your mom always wanted to do but never has? Plan it. On the second Sunday of May, scrap away your schedule and save the whole day for your mom! We have given you the ideas of how to celebrate this memorable event, so it is time to present your mom the gift of time and love. As you plan this special day for your beautiful mom, don’t forget to tell her these three words, ‘I love you’! Happy Mother’s Day!