Use Makeup for a Slim Look


There are many benefits to wearing makeup. You can hide blemishes and other flaws with a little concealer. You can enhance specific facial features with some easy to learn tricks. It is fairly easy to master the art of applying makeup, and is a fast way to increase confidence and beauty.

Did you also know that you can use makeup application techniques to appear thinner in the face? It isn’t hard to take up to 10 pounds off with a few simple tricks:

  • Lighter colors will enhance your facial features, while darker colors will create a recessive look to other features. Two products to make sure you have on hand are a contour color in a shade or two darker than your complexion, and a highlighting color that’s slightly lighter than you complexion. A contour brush can be used to help apply these and to blend to a point where no lines are visible.
  • Apply a thin highlight line (following your foundation and concealer if needed) across the top of your cheek bone.
  • To create contour in your cheeks to achieve a more slimming look, pucker your lips out and apply your contour color in a swooping line from under your cheek bone to the middle of your ear. Blend in your contour at this point just as you did your highlight.
  • To create the illusion of a thinner nose, use a highlighting color down the bridge and apply a contour color to the sides – above the nostrils. Make sure to blend everything nicely.
  • Use a bronzer along the jawline to create definition and to blend in with the contour shade just above to conceal a double chin.
  • Use a natural gloss for the lips to help keep the thin look to the face. Large, full lips can actually make the face look rounder.
  • Creating big, dramatics looks around the eyes will make your face look smaller. Pull out all the stops in this area, with liner, shadow, and mascara.