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Demotox your solution to itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is a common complaint in Singapore where the climate is typically hot and humid. All of us experience itchy scalp at some point of time in our lives, and it usually occurs when our scalp is overly oily. However, prolonged itch could be due to something far more sinister - it can also be attributed to the presence of creepy-crawies called Dermodex hair mites.

The Pico Laser difference - 4 reasons why you should try it

Pico Laser Singapore

What so great about the Pico Laser?

Welcome to a new generation of laser treatments. The revolutionary picosecond laser technology is the new solution to obliterating stubborn pigment, for clear, radiant skin.

Before Pico Lasers came onto the scene, aesthetic doctors were content with nanosecond lasers. Picosecond lasers and Nanosecond lasers both fall under the same Nd:yag laser family, but Pico Lasers are the new and latest generation of fast speed Q-switch lasers. You may be wondering, are newer lasers really better?


Threadlift’s understated problem: Pain!

Threadlift’s understated problem

Threadlift’s understated problem: Pain!

When it comes to the negatives of doing threadlifts, the discussion often revolves around pricing, effectiveness, duration of its effects etc. However, one very critical aspect of threadlifts that seem to be ignored is pain. Granted, everyone who is going a face threadlift has probably already researched enough to know it CAN be a relatively painful procedure.

Fig. Don't underestimate bruising.

V-Shaped Face and Asian Fascination

v-shaped face

Like every culture, many things have come to influence Korean beauty trends. With the ever-growing Hallyu (or Korean Wave) sweeping the world, more and more people are looking to the east for the latest in beauty trends.

Until recently beauty standards have been predominately imposed by the West, and those around the world would look to the West for indications of fashion and beauty trend changes. These changes would be shared worldwide through the circulation of all types of media, including the Internet, magazines, and television.

Eliminating Stubborn Face Fat

Why is it that when we lose weight or even when we put on just a few pounds, it seems to go right to the face? You can see it in the cheeks and in that pesky double chin.

Ways to Treat Pregnancy Acne

Despite what they say, acne isn’t only experienced during your teen years. If you find yourself pregnant you may very well be experiencing a reemergence of acne problems. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures now along with using natural remedies, to get your acne under control. We do recommend you always seek the help of your doctor before trying out any of the following remedies.

Why Pregnancy Acne Happens

Pregnancy Acne

Acne during pregnancy is a common problem that many women must deal with. Research has suggested that 1 in 2 women will suffer from pregnancy related acne, and some of those cases can be quite severe.

Hairstyles to Slim the Face

Have you tried all the facial exercises in the world, but still struggle with the chiselled, perfect face? You don’t need to do exercise. Your hairstyle can make all the difference. Whatever shape your face is, you need to think about haircuts that naturally have a slimming effect. Some of these include soft curls, layered cuts, side bangs and asymmetrical bobs. Front fringes and highlights can also help, but you need to get rid of the straight ironed look to help create some shape to your face.

Use Makeup for a Slim Look


There are many benefits to wearing makeup. You can hide blemishes and other flaws with a little concealer. You can enhance specific facial features with some easy to learn tricks. It is fairly easy to master the art of applying makeup, and is a fast way to increase confidence and beauty.

Superstitions regarding Acne Treatments

I am sure you have heard several stories of home therapies and odd treatments for acne, and many of you have likely tried them as well! Just do a quick search on the Internet and you will find several of them. Here are a few that I have heard:


Menstrual Blood